Training Opportunities

Gym Werx!

Do you want to be in better shape to study or look for work?

Gym Werx! is an eight week exercise program designed to assist job seekers and students with their physical fitness, vitality and motivation.

Eight weeks x two one hour sessions a week

Fun run or walk around the famous TAN track, Botanical Gardens

A personal trainer will develop a fitness plan with you

10 free gym sessions if you attend the group regularly

Improve fitness so you feel energised for looking for work or study- special talk by a fitness professional.

Gym Werx! Occurs twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays.

NOTE: It is compulsory you attend the first class here at Chapel Street to Officially enroll. Last class also at Chapel Street.

To enrol, contact Lewis McGregor on (03) 96929526 or

Computers, Social Networking and Intell Easy Steps

Do you want help getting started with computers?

Beginners and more advanced

You know the basics but want to develop your skills

We have internet connected, up to date MS Office equipped computers

Intel Modules option advanced

Fee or gold coin donation

Monday Morning: Intel Easy Steps
Monday Afternoon: Social Networking
Thursday Morning: Social Networking

To enrol, please contact Lewis McGregor on (03) 9692 9526 or email

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Thursday mornings (Beginners)

Thursday Afternoons (Advanced)

Small friendly classes

Skilled teacher

A chance to learn things you missed out on

Technique on grammar, spelling and making a sentence

Counting numbers, saying numbers for phones, money and calendars

Common sayings and everyday English to get by with

Help with remembering things

Successful Job Search

Do you want to take a fresh look at finding work?

Industry visits and guest speakers

Update your resume and cover letters, create an email address

Job interviews- discussion and practical workshops

Managing job hunting stress

Help with interview clothing

Fridays 10.00am -12.30pm

Shake, Rattle 'N Roll

Kitchen and cooking skills to improve your life and diet, catering, hospitality and introduce you to kitchen skills.

Cooking for healthy living

Hospitality- delicious dinners and lunches you can make for guests

Salads, side dishes

Safety in the kitchen

Stove and oven use

Yummy desserts

Baking and roasts

Learn on commercial cookery equipment

Clean up and enjoy the meals you cook

Fee or gold coin donation may be required for sessions where you get to make you own meal.

Tuesdays 10.30am-12.30