JSP's New Work Experience and Training Program

The program:

If you are eligible, you will be engaged in an 8 week program to facilitate your re-entry or induction into the workplace.

The program is 8 weeks of supervised training and work experience.

2 days a week include: 2 hours of training and 4 hours of paid work.

Eligible participants are placed under the guidance and supervision of other
experienced employees during their time in the workplaces.

The program values positive group reinforcement with personalised training.

The training component is a blend of internal classroom and workshop-style training.

This program places a high expectation upon mutual commitment.

Potential workplace training placements include:

Includes general office duties, reception, data entry and customer service.

JSP Prahran Mission and BACK2Bikes have partnered together to provide work maintenance work experience to eligible Working Together participants. BACK2Bikes is a social enterprise to teach people about fixing bikes, and to recycle donated bikes back into the community.


Commercial cleaning and asset management opportunities

Community Service
Working Together participants may have the opportunity to build their working experience within the community sector and not-for-profit organisations.

Driving and Logistics



Participants who wish to work in the retail sector may have an opportunity to gain work experience in one of the Goodwill Stores.

The productive and personalised nature of the Work Experience & Training Program will help you get you to your next stage in the workplace.

To find out more about getting a job or being part of this program, call our Prahran Office on (03) 9692 9500.