Success Stories in the Community

Prahran Mission Car Washers!

carwashThe JSP established a car wash service in 2012 to clean Prahran Missions fleet of cars.
In 2015, it has expanded to include several local community as well as government and corporate clients. Our friendly car-washers also service individual jobs!

The service provides a safe, supervised environment for workers to learn new skills and responsibilities. The business employs JSP job seekers on a part time basis, and this year we expect to wash over 600 cars!

St Kilda Community Housing

StKilda Community Housing LogoSt Kilda Community Housing and JSP started working together in 2011.

In 2012, the relationship strengthened with St Kilda Community Housing developing a social enterprise in gardening, maintenance and cleaning.

St Kilda Community Housing, with the support of JSP then employed their own, long term unemployed residents within their own rooming houses.

For more information on St Kilda Community Housing, click here