Community engagement

JSP actively engages and connects with the community, organisations and people who are interested in helping jobseekers to improve their lives through education and employment.

Collaborating with differing organisations ensures that we can provide the best support for our job seekers.

Our Community Liaison Officer works across the community to create and maintain pathways for job seekers, businesses and communities to share information and knowledge and access our services.

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Our vision is to transform communities by eliminating long term social and economic disadvantage.

To be part of the community and to be socially included, people should have:

access to education

a secure job

access to services and

connections with the local community.

What are we doing in our communities?

JSP builds partnerships with key stakeholders including community groups, government and other organisations to engage the most disadvantaged job seekers utilising a locational approach to meet the needs of diverse groups in the community and ...

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To enquire about how you can become a community partner or for information on referrals, please contact our office on (03) 9692 9500.